Comparison of Best Free Email Solutions
Compiled by Lukas Koster and Viraj Siriwardena with the cooperation of the members of EmailDiscussions Forum. Last update: November 15, 2002
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Email Service Hotmail Yahoo! FastMail Guest MyRealBox User
Setup fee None None None None
Annual fee Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Lifetime option Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Webmail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory newsletter Weekly None Adhoc None
On site advertisements Yes Yes None None
Message tagline advertisements Yes Yes Customizable None
Mailbox storage 2MB 4MB 10MB 10MB
Mailing list attachments Yes Yes No No
Maximum attachment size 1MB 1.5MB 10MB None
Maximum attachment number Unlimited 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Virus scanning McAfee VirusScan Norton AntiVirus Basic scan only Yes
Message reject No No Yes No
Block sender by deleting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bounce messages back to sender No No Yes No
Spam reporting No No No No
Spam protection filter Bulk folder Bulk folder No No
Monthly bandwidth limit Unlimited Unlimited 40MB Unlimited
Automatic trash can disposal / purge Daily disposal Daily disposal No No
Spelling checker Multi Language Multi Language English No
Bcc message sending No No No No
Message recipient limit 50 100 100 15
Change sender address No No Yes No
Address book groups Yes Yes No No
Address book entries limit 250 5000 100 100
Address book synchronization Windows address book Yes No No
Address book import and export No Yes Yes No
Mail checker MSN Messenger Yahoo! Messenger FastCheck No
Instant messaging MSN Messenger Yahoo! Messenger No No
Email client access Outlook / Outlook Express No IMAP IMAP / POP
Send messages using SMTP Outlook / Outlook Express No No Yes
Message filters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter by header No No Yes No
Filter by message size No No Yes No
Auto response / vacation reply No Yes Yes Yes
Mail redirection No No Yes No
Mail forwarding No No No Yes
Mail forwarding filter Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Yes
Simultaneous automatic mail fetch and forward Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable No
External mail access accounts No 3 2 3
Manual external mail collection Not applicable POP Hotmail / POP No
Automatic external mail check at login No No No No
Automatic scheduled external mail collection No No Hotmail / POP IMAP / POP
Own sub domain No No No No
Alias email addresses No No No No
Restrictions on alias names Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Identities for sending messages 1 1 1 1
SMS No No No No
PDA / WAP No Yes No No
Mobile alerts Yes Yes No No
International SMS No No No No
Website MSN Groups Yahoo! Geocities No No
File storage MSN Groups Yahoo! Briefcase No No
DAV access No No Not applicable Not applicable
Mailing list manger No No No No
Notepad No Yes 10 pages No
Calendar Yes Yes No Yes
Reminders Yes Yes No No
Task manager Yes Yes No No
Voicemail No No No No
Fax services No No No No
Uptime reliability Yes Yes Yes Test site
Customer support Online form Email Forum No
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